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Fiona HunterFiona Hunter 

How can I remove a VF page

We have a button on an opportunity that when we click it takes the user to a VF page however i am looking to revert page to teh standard page layout for thsi object can someone explain how and where i can do this please.

PS - Need it in simple terms no really that technical.
Sameer Tyagi SFDCSameer Tyagi SFDC
Hi Fiona, 

Here is the steps. 

1. Click setup to the top right of page. 
2. Type opportunity in left search bar. 
3. Click Buttons, Links, and Actions under Opportunities
4. Click Edit next to the button which you want to set standard visualforce page
5. Check No Override (use default)
6. Click Save

Sameer Tyagi

SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 

Please go to Setup > Build > customize > Opportunities > Buttons, Links, and Actions > Check for the button you click and it takes you to the VF page > Click on Edit > Choose No Override (use default) for Override with and you should have the standard functionality back. 
Fiona HunterFiona Hunter
Thanks I have gone into the setting but I cant see naywhere that says dont overide.  This was a customer button that was built not sure if that makes a difference?

Sameer Tyagi SFDCSameer Tyagi SFDC
Hi Fiona, 

Are you able to see this screen? User-added image

In above picture, if you see lablel in Hyperlink, that means its a Custom button. 
If you want to override custom button , then you need to change the URL according to your choice, when click on edit. 

and set Content Source as URL as shown in image, 

It might be lil bit tricky for you to add a dynmic id of record at last in URL  through three picklist as shown just above the big box 
User-added image


Hi Fiona

I Think You are talking about the Custom Button which takes you to Vf Page
"No Override" Option will come Only for standard buttons like New,Edit,List,Clone,Delete etc.
Fiona HunterFiona Hunter
Yes this is a custom button for a custom object.

Currently shows as content source - Visualforce Page
Content - Newfactfind

Do I therefore change this to URL and thenhow do I get the link I want it to direct me to?

Sorry confused!

If you have Diffrent Vf Page then you have choose that page instead of "Newfactfind" in content source OR your requirement is to  see different fields in "Newfactfind" then using vf code only you have to do it.
Fiona HunterFiona Hunter
Sorry Nandeesh not sure i understand you.  I am not looking to see a visualforce page at all I am looking to see the standard page as currently when we pick teh new button is loads the visualforce page which pears no resembelance to the page layout or new fields i have added.  I want the user to open up the custom object as determined in the page layouts rather than having to write new code ervytime i want a field displayed.
Fiona HunterFiona Hunter
Okay managed to create a new button which loads the page i want however it doesnt autopopulate the fields i need and when i click save it normally creates a link in the opportunity anyone have any ideas Thanks
SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
I understand that the page you are now able to get is a standard pacge, however, to prepopulate the values in the fields, please follow the steps in the link below: