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Odd Pagination behavior on Visualforce page embedded in page layout

I've embedded a VF page using a setController into a detail page layout. I'm using the standard pagination functions and have added the same VF code for the next, previous, first, last commands into the top and bottom of the pageBlock containing the table. 

These are showing up at the top, but for some reason they don't show up on the bottom. Yes, I've added both the scrolling functions, as well as increased the size of the page section to fit the entire table. Doesn't matter. 

I've created the same VF page as itws own Tab, and the page functions show up at the top and bottom, so the code is right. I'm thinking that there is something about the embedded VF page in a page layout that is preventing the pagination functions from appearing. 

Anyone else had this problem??

Thanks to all!

Numaan A.MNumaan A.M
Hello ,

This problem will come if you are in developer mode, Try to off developer mode and check again.

Numaan Ahmed