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Find date a field was last populated


I know there's an app called Field Trip that will tell you how many records havea givern object's field populated for each field in that object.

Is there an app or someother way to determine the date upon which a given object's field was last populated though?
Phil WeinmeisterPhil Weinmeister
Hi RossG,

It could be a pain, depending on how many fields you have, but you might just have to create one new custom field per field you want to track and update the new fields with a workflow rule based on a change to the original field.

Field Trip used to provide the last date a field was populated, and this was hugely useful to us when we did a big field-deprecation exercise in 2013. This data point no longer seems to be included in the Field Trip analyses (as of v. 1.2.1 of Field Trip), so I'm wondering whether something changes in the Salesforce APIs which made it infeasible to include this.