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web to lead

Hello Experts,

We have a problem related to a process which we are trying to map to salesforce, scrapping spread-sheets.


We are an event organisers and run events all over world (various segments), people opt to come in to the event, some people show interests and sometimes multiple people come to attend event from same company. Currently a team of people enter the name of the attendee's manually in salesforce as contacts and then attached to an opportunity.


We have adopted a method of web-to-lead to capture information directly to Salesforce and that is working well (though we want web-to-contact) but as of now we can live with web-to-lead. The real challenge is how we can capture multiple leads/contact through a web page into Salesforce.

For Example:

if 4 people coming to an event from same company and trying to register through web-site then how we can prompt them to fill four forms so that we capture four different leads/contacts rather than just one record?

if anyone can give us any sort of guidence then we can overcome this problem.

any response is highly appreciated


Do what everyone else does, require each participant to register.  Think of Dreamforce, each person that attends has to register to get their identification that lets them into the different sessions.  If you do it via email you can, if the Account record already exists in your system, provide the record ID in the invite and request that the registrants provide that in their form (hopefully through a URL so they don't have to manually enter it).  We use ClickTools for this sort of thing.
Hi there,

Thanks for the reply and useful info, our registrants not necessarily exist in salesforce therefore tracing account can be difficult. they are coming from web directly into salesforce to Lead object.

Can you please elaborate how you use click tool to handle this situation?

We don't use Click Tools specifically for that but for other items where we have some information that we want to tie back to existing records.  
Just a web form using the out of the box web to lead functionality of salesforce and requiring all participants to register individually should suffice.  Alternatively you could provide a page where a person could fill in multiple rows of participants and use Apex to create the contacts for those participants but this would not utilize the web to lead function, it would require that you build custom code to accomplish this.  If it were me, I'd opt for having each participant register using the web to lead form you already have in place.
Hi there,

this is what exactly we want but can you please let me know how i can prompt the same form to the user who is filling online registration, for example if somebody wants to do 3 bookings then the form should open three times and there should be a way to identify that these three bookings are together when it comes to Salesforce.

i am really struggling to find a way that web form repeat according to the number of bookings.

please help
Since the web-to-lead action in will only accept a single record at a time each registrant needs to be submit individually.
I suppose you could put a numeric field on the form, have the value written to a cookie, then have it decrease each time the web page is re-rendered with the Company information pre-populated, also via cookies.

The return page from the submission could test for the value in the cookie then redirect to the form with specific values pre-populated until 0 is reached at which point the return page would redirect to a thank you page.

Form > values, 3 registrants > submit >
  redirect page reads 3, sets to 2, directs back to form and populates values, >
     values entered > submit >
  redirect page reads 2, sets to 1, directs back to form and populates values >
     values entered, submit >
  redirect page reads 1 sets to 0, directs to final acknowledgement page.