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Email to Case from google group to salesforce address creates duplicates cases


We are using google group to create cases in salesforce. Google group has individual users and salesforce service email address. When an email is sent to the group, it forwards the email to all the members of the group. All users in the group get a one email but the salesforce service address gets 2 emails (confirmed from the email log from premier support sfdc).

I have tried couple of things
- Sent email directly to salesforce service address ---It creates one Case (no duplicates)
- Removed all users from the group and just added salesforce service address.---- It created duplicate cases
- Removed all the memebers from the group and just added a generic email box address (which had a forwarding to salesforce service email address) ---- Received one email to the generic email box but duplicate cases in SFDC
- Removed all the memebers and added my personal gmail address (which had forwarding to salesforce service email address) to the group. --- Received one email in my inbox and one case (no duplicates) in SFDC.

Can someone help me troubleshoot?

Thank you!
SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
Please check to see if there is a forwarding set on GMAIL such that when a mail is recieved by the group email address - it is automatically being forwarded to the email to case service address. -  this will created ONE case

NEXT case is created when the group itself(manually) forwards the email to the email to case service address considering this address as a member of the group.

Thank you for your response Sonam.

We have checked all possible forwardings from the gmail and other groups as well but couldn't find any. Neither sfdc premier support nor the google group admin could help us much here. Unless we have a better idea, we might handle/delete the duplicates in SFDC by checking the incoming emails from this address and compare with already created one. We are always having a lag time between the actual case and the duplicate.

Thank you!
Did you find a solution to this issue?

to further trouble shoot this I would request you share the email message headers for the duplicate cases created in Salesforce and also check the newly released email audit logs for Google Groups.