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Salesforce1 iOS call-in URL to open APEX page or record with parameter.

Salesforce1 can be opened using standard iOS call-in/call-out URL fomats such as the following...


It is unclear which of the two is the prefered format, however currently both work. However, it is unclear how to open an APEX page using simular call-in URLs. Alternitivly, if I can open the record in edit mode that may be workable as well so long as paramters are preserved. However, despite everything I've read on the subject, I can not get records to open in edit mode by chaning "view" to "edit". Doing so using the first URL format still opens the record in read mode and if I do that with the second, it fails to open at all.

The only thing resembling documentation I can find is a PDF posted awhile back by Dan McCall 

However, despite what that document says I can not get either edit mode or APEX page to open. Additinaly I found this blog posting...

Which claims that the following is the correct format to open an APEX page, however it to fails in my tests.

Has anyone been able to get either openign a record in edit mode, or opening an APEX page to work and sucsessfully passed them a paramter using an iOS call-in/call-out URL?
Gaurav KheterpalGaurav Kheterpal
There was recently a tutorial published on Developer Force blog on deep linking to Salesforce1 - https://developer.salesforce.com/blogs/isv/2015/01/empower-salesforce1-solution-deep-link.html

This refers to the URL schemes document which shows edit operations should use this scheme

Edit a Record Use this URL scheme to navigate to the edit detail page of a record.


The following example URL navigates the user to the edit detail page of an Opportunity:


Note: The user must have permission to edit the record.

For specific records, the generic syntax is


I hope this helps.
I've seen the blog you linked to, but it is doing what I am trying to avoid, which is building a custom app.

Let me try to break my question down a bit.

1) Can deep-linking be used to open an APEX page in Salesforce1?
2) Can deep-linking be used to pass paramters or data to Salesforce1?
Gaurav KheterpalGaurav Kheterpal
1) I don't think so.
2) Yes, but only using query parameters as explained in this (https://na7.my.salesforce.com/help/pdfs/en/salesforce1_url_schemes_ios.pdf) document.