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Richard Gerrard 6Richard Gerrard 6 

Error uploading Change Set to Production Env


I am trying to upload a Change set from our Sandbox to Live environment but it has failed several times with the below error message.

Change set: Phase 1 Build v1.1 (04t11000000E4o9)
Organization: 1 (Developer Sandbox) (00D1100000BzD1R)
User: Richard Gerrard (005w0000003tgPB)
Error Number: 364259182-59394 (637934141)

I've tried cloning the change set & also reducing it down to a single component but every time it fails.

Any idea why?

FORTE RénaldFORTE Rénald
Hi Richard,

How do you deploy to your production? A change set from the Admin GUI ? or via eclipse ? (My guess is your using eclipse to deploy). 
By gui, you may have access to the error why your deployment can't be done. 

Sometime, the problem comes from a test case already present in production and which can't succeed with the new deployment, even if you add the new test case. Sometimes you also need to split your deployment to deploy in a specific order your changes. 

Delivery order can be  (a changeset for each): 
1 - fields, custom settings
2 - page layouts
3 - Groups
4 - Apex Classes & Visual Force Pages
5- Triggers
6 - Record Types & Business Process
7 - Sharing rules

In any case, you can also ask the support by opening a case and give your error number to the support so they can give you the reason of your failure. 

Don't forget also that you need a 75% code coverage testing to be able to deliver on production. I suggest you to verifiy your coverage on your sandbox  Setup --> App Setup --> Develop --> Apex Classes --> 'Estimate your organization's code coverage' (link on top of the page )

Hope this will help
Richard Gerrard 6Richard Gerrard 6
I'm using the standard change set from Admin GUI. It's a deployment into a completely new org so there shouldn't be any issues with test cases or code.

I don;t even get as far as the validate / deployment screen in Porduction - the error fires when I click 'Upload' in the Sanbox.

I've logged a ticket with support but they redirected me here - I'll go back to them.

Development Vera SolutionsDevelopment Vera Solutions
Hi Richard, were you able to solve this? I'm running into the same problem. 
Hamza AbibHamza Abib

I've faced a similar issue and the below from this link ( was very useful to me:

An error "XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXX- (637934141)" may come up when uploading an Outbound Change Set from a sandbox to production or uploading to another sandbox. The "637934141" error number is consistent with every errors that will appear. The causes are the following:

- Reports, documents or email templates that are added as change set components are stored in a private folder
- Record Type components associated to a Person Account
- Language Translation components

To resolve the issue, you may:

- Remove the reports, documents or email templates from the Outbound Change Set before uploading or move them to a public folder
- Remove any Record Types components associated to Person Account
- Remove the Language Translation components
- Make sure that if the Custom app is the part of the change set that the associated Logo is not in the user's private folder.

Hamza AbibHamza Abib
If that doesn't work, you will need to remove any Queues you may have in your Change Set - as this is the most likely cause if the above didn't work. 

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