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Workflow Rules Formula Bug? RecordType.Name providing old value...

1. I have workflow rule 1 which sets the recordType to 'Accepted'. It also set another field called Promise Date with "re-evalue workflow rules after field change" checked.
2. I have workflow rule 2 which fires under the formula !ISBLANK(Promise_Date__c) && RecordType.Name != 'Accepted'.
3. When Workflow rule 1 fires, workflow rule 2 also fires - it should not, since RecordType = 'Accepted'.
4. If I change the condition of Workflow 2 to say !ISBLANK(Promise_Date_c) && RecordTypeId != '012i00000005EuX' - substituting the ID of  recordType Accepted, everything works fine - Workflow 2 does NOT fire anymore.
5. To double check that I have not made a mistake anywhere, when I set the condition to !ISBLANK(Promise_Date__c) && RecordType.Name != 'New', Workflow 2 does NOT fire - so salesforce is picking up the ORIGINAL RecordType.Name  which is 'New'. However for RecordTypeID, it is picking up a the UPDATED recordTypeId

It appears to be a bug to me somewhere in salesforce....????

It appears to be a bug to me....

I should have mentioned - I have put apex debug statements and reviewed the logs. The logs indicate that record type is set as 'Accepted' when work rule 1 fires.  However, when Workflow Rule 2 is evaluated, it evalutes as True in #2 above. It evaluates as false in #4 above.