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Send mail notification for failed outbound message?


Can Salesforce send mail or other alerts for the failure of delivering on the outbound message?

Currently, Salesforce will try to re-send the message if it is failed within 24 hours with back-off retry interval. Does salesforce can send other notification like mail for the failure?


Strangely enough, my wife's company had this exact problem yesterday. She found a knowledge article about how you can enable email notifications for up to 5 users when the outbound request. So Yes, it's possible. However, she had to file a ticket about *HOW* to turn that on.

I've asked her to follup here if / when she learns how to turn this on.
Stephanie Poorman 1Stephanie Poorman 1
I'm happy to share what I know so far.  I found this article:  It says: "You can request that up to five users receive a notification listing all outbound messages that have failed for at least 24 hours. A fresh notification is sent every 24 hours until you cancel the request."  It also says that you need Customize Application to see this option, but I don't see it, even as a root admin with pretty much every possible permission.  The article says this means that "your organization doesn't have outbound messages enabled", but (1) we've been using outbound messages for years now so I don't know how we'd NOT have it enabled and (2) Salesforce support seems more confused than I am.

After I got escalated once, I was given this (almost identical) article: (  After I pointed out this morning that I understood the how but couldn't find an "Outbound Message Notifications" option under Monitoring in the case comments, I haven't heard anything back from this new support representative.

Hopefully someone, somewhere, will either tell me what it means to have "outbound messages enabled" or clarify what I'm missing - soon - and I'll be able to share their wisdom with the world (or at least you).
Thanks for your reply, KevinP and Stephanie. I also can't find the "Outbound Message Notifications" under the "Monitoring".
Stephanie Poorman 1Stephanie Poorman 1
According to my latest case update, neither can Salesforce: "This is strange, even I can't find it in my org! Never mind, I'll check with our senior team about this tomorrow." I half-suspect the feature was deprecated, but no one remembered to take down the documentation...and now no one remembers anything about any of it.
Stephanie Poorman 1Stephanie Poorman 1
zgcharley_09, I have an answer.  Turns out "enabling outbound messages" has nothing to do with the actual outbound message workflow actions working and everything to do with making it possible to set up notifications.  Just submit a case and tell Salesforce support explicitly that you need outbound messages enabled for your org, then you should see the Outbound Message Notifications option right underneath Outbound Messages in the Monitoring section.  Good luck!
Thanks, I will try it. 
What were your results @zgcharley_09?  I have exactly this need, but haven't found any solution yet (still looking).
FYI, I opened a support case and requested that they enable the feature described here: and they did.  Case #12469927.  For posterity's sake, the article I linked to states: "Outbound Message Notifications

User Permissions Needed
To view or edit outbound message notification settings: “Customize Application”
You can request that up to five users receive a notification listing all outbound messages that have failed for at least 24 hours. A fresh notification is sent every 24 hours until you cancel the request.

Failed messages are deleted from the failed outbound messages related list after seven days. Before they are removed, you can delete them yourself or request that they be retried again.

To view the current outbound message notification requests, from Setup, click Monitoring | Outbound Message Notifications.

You can perform several tasks here:
Edit a notification.
Delete a notification. Since you can only create five, you may need to delete one before you can create more.
Create a new notification request.

If you don't have this option, your organization doesn't have outbound messages enabled. Contact Salesforce to enable outbound messages."