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Satyajit SinghSatyajit Singh 

Need to integrate microsoft lync with salesforce using CTI


I need to integrate microsoft lync with salesforce using CTI so that user can make call to their contacts from the salesforce system.
I downloaded the CTI components available. Everything is showing perfectly. I can make test calls. Now I need to integrate the system with microsoft lync so that whenever call will be made from salesforce system then it will call through lync.
Are there any open APIs (free) for lync available? is there any alternate solution?
Gaurav KheterpalGaurav Kheterpal
There is a difference between "open" and "free". There are several "open" API/ 3rd party SDK that you can use such as

* Twilio (https://www.twilio.com/docs/api/rest) - There's a Salesforce library (https://www.twilio.com/docs/salesforce/install) as well.
* Lync SDK (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/jj933180(v=office.15).aspx)
* Plivo (https://www.plivo.com/docs/api/)

None of these are 'free' though.

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Britt HowardBritt Howard
Hi Satyajit,
I'm an Ae at Salesforce and have a customer also wanting to do this. Can you please advise what you did to complete the integration? also, would your customer be available for my customer to speak with about this? Thanks
Britt HowardBritt Howard
Hi Gaurav - if you have a referenceable customer that where you've integrated Lync and Salesforce, I'd love to hear about them. Thanks 
niranjan singh 6niranjan singh 6
hi Britt Howard- did you find any solution for salesforce integration with Lync? 
ravi krishna 12ravi krishna 12
Hi All, Is there way to integrate Salesforce with Lync? If so, please share.
Dieter HärleDieter Härle
I now it is a year later but CTI Data Connector for Salesforce has a native integration with Salesforce and Skype for Business - http://helpserver.biz/onlinehelp/cdc/sf/5.0/help2000/skype-for-business.html
Chris WoodwardChris Woodward
Hello, All!

Tenfold is a CTI that can integrate Salesforce with Microsoft Lync (and other phone systems). It can capture 100% of your customer or prospect interactions as one of its key features is automatic call logging.

Besides that, Tenfold's features include click-to-call that eliminates useless clicks and misdialing of numbers, a screen pop (caller ID) that shows relevant customer information, and a call analytics dashboard that you can maximize for gamification of call activities. 

If you like to learn more about Salesforce-MS Lync integration via Tenfold, check this link:
siva ganeshsiva ganesh
Hi all,

I am integrating salesforce and Plivo CTI Integration.So here if i make a call ,call is going to the particular person.Here when we click call, pop up is showing in the below screenshot.But here we didnt get that call screen.could anyone suggest the solution for this.
we have followed the below github link 

User-added image

This is what we want,but we are getting only popup like

User-added image
We need that call screen could anyone help in this???