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Pierre KaluznyPierre Kaluzny 

iframe src stopped working

I created a VF page to display a dashboard on the home page (instead of just the first row). This just stopped working. Now the page load, the sidebar and tabs accross the top have disappeared making it impossible to navigate to another page. Any idea how to fix this issue? Thanks! 
<apex:page >
  <iframe src="/01ZA0000000xYZ1?isdtp=vw" frameborder="0" height="900" width="4000"/>

William LópezWilliam López

Based on the width (width="4000") I would say tabs did not disapear they are just displaed to the far right side.

Change the width="4000" with an smaller value like 800 and it should work.

Please let me know how it goes.

Pierre KaluznyPierre Kaluzny
Same behavior. 
William LópezWilliam López
I see the problem. Salesforce Recently (Summer 2014) Blocked that feature. In the past was possible (check this link):


But now the block the HTML editing, therefore if you use the visual force page by it sleft, the dashboard content will try to load in the entire page.

You can vote for this idea so they allow the full dashboard:


There is a work arround but its a long solution, you can try to generate an image form the dashboard and place it in the home page and have a link so they can go the the full dashboard.

I hope its helps.