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Mail Merge Functionality without Using Mail Merge

Hi All,

I have an issue whereby information we collect via our online portal (using a visualforce page) is entered into a custom object.

At present I have a visualforce page rendering as a PDF document, nothing fancy but I have now been advised that this information needs to populate a formal form.  This is a legal document.

The completed form needs to be available immediatelty after completion for download and customer signature but the mail merge option is a manual process which would be too slow for this.

Is there a way to populate a word / editable PDF document with specific fields from the custom document without using mail merge?

Any help is appreciated.
SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
I suppose what you can do is have the form as a Visualforce page and create a button on the page which generated a PDF of the form which can then be taken for print: