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Darryl SinghDarryl Singh 

Oracle external data source connection

Has anyone successfully connected to an Oracle database via External Data Sources?  We have all of the connection parameters (server, port, SID, Server Name, user name, password), and have successfully connected our Oracle database to other platforms.  But so far, all attempts to create an External Data Source in Salesforce have been spectacularly unsuccessful.  Is there a server-side service that needs to be running to make this work?  Also, can anyone provide me an example of the External Data Source URL for connecting to Oracle?  Or even better, a full screenshot of the external data source entries on a working Oracle connection.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Darryl, your version of oracle needs to be new enough to support oData. Have you tried connecting to your oracle db with an odata client?
Darryl SinghDarryl Singh
Thanks for responding, Kevin.  Our Oracle version is 64 bit.  We have no odata client, and could find no documentation saying it was required, how to set it up, or how to access it by HTTP.  Is there a setup guide you can point me to with all of this information?  Thanks for your help.
greg staskogreg stasko
Darryl - two things. If your source doesn't natively "speak" OData, you need to find some sort of gateway that can "OData-ify" it. That's a role for the likes of Mulesoft, Jitterbit, Informatica, and my company's solution, DataDirect Cloud. ( And then you also have to be aware of how Salesforce will get through your firewall, assuming your data resides on your corporate network.

We have an agent that sits inside the firewall - it's used to securely tunnel through the firewall, and the DataDirect Cloud service puts an OData "face" on your database that doesn't directly speak OData. You can get a fully functional free trial at our site - happy to work with you on it. Our largest Lightning Connect user has thousands of users using our solution to get to on-premise Oracle that is part of a Siebel implementation. 

Any questions...
greg staskogreg stasko
Regarding not having an OData client - you may find Postman ( helpful. It's a free/open source client that can be used to test REST APIs, like OData. It's available as a Chrome extension. I have no affiliation with them - I have simply seen many folks in the OData space rely upon it as a way of getting familiar with OData, in general, and Lightning Connect, in particular.
Darryl SinghDarryl Singh
Thanks for the responsese, Greg.  I'll check out Postman.
Vidya IyerVidya Iyer

@Darryl SIngh,  did you find a solution?

We are planning to use lightning connect and are faced with the same issue.
We have WCF OData for oracle. That does not work as intended.
We are planning to use Apache Olingo to create OData service now.
I wanted to know how did you create your URL.

Jamie MartinJamie Martin
You can easily connect Salesforce to Oracle database with help of our product Skyvia Connect ( It is a CaaS solution that allows users to expose their data via the OData protocol almost instantly, with no coding and very little configuration. Besides, being a cloud solution, it does not require you to care about service hosting and management.