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How to build a record set within a flow and use FastCreate to Insert them

I am creating a set of child records, prompting the user for how many to create (and some other fields that will populate to the children)
How do I get from a screen input field into an sObject collection suitable for a FastCreate insertion? 
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Alan BirchenoughAlan Birchenough
If I have understood your question correctly, you can use an Assign element to populate the fields on an sObject variable from the various screen inputs, and also - in a subsequent Assignment - to add the sObject variable to an sObject collection variable, which you can then "Fast Create" from.  Do this in a home-grown loop built out of Decision and other elements controlled either by the number entered up front by the user, or, maybe more likely, by asking them whether they want to add another at the beginning of each iteration.

I hope I answered the question you asked...