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Home Page Search Component

Hey all,

I want to implement a component in the sidebar of my home page for searching Contacts and Accounts.  I have a VF page with an associated controller that I want to use for this component (the search functionality is built in there).  However, I am experiencing an issue that I can't see how to fix.  When the search criteria is entered and the search button clicked, the component in the sidebar is what is refreshed with the resulting data, not the main page. 

How can I cause a sidebar component to refresh and display data on the main page?


SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
I understand you have this VFpage where you are running this search functionality..right? so the results are showing on the VF page itself.Are you looking to get the results on the center space of the home page? Please confirm if this is the requirement.
Yes, that is correct.  I want my search entry field in the left sidebar to be submitted to my VF page, but the results populate in the center page.