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Ehtesham QureshiEhtesham Qureshi 


Thank you in Advance.
I am salesforce certified system administrator. My question is that I want to learn Apex Trigger & Visual Force. However I am from non-programming background. So in order to learn apex trigger and visual force do I need to also learn C, C++, Java core & Java advanced. Please help me with the same. What i need to learn in order to understand.
Ehtesham Qureshi
Wow!  C and C++?  You are ambitious!  :-)

While a programming background is helpful, especially Java, its not required.  I suggest starting with simple triggers.  This provides an introduction to the basic syntax and data structures of Apex.  Learn about classes, methods, primitive data types, and the difference between a Set, List, and Map.  Next learn about SOQL.

Visualforce is a separate beast.  You can create a VF page using nothing but VF components, but it often involves Javascript, CSS, and knowledge of HTML.  If you have any web development experience (not using wysiwyg tools, but direct coding in HTML/CSS/Javascript, PHP, or the like) this may be the place to start.

I suggest using the browser based developer console rather than an IDE like Eclipse or Sublime.  IDEs have a learning curve as well.

Do not be disheartened if your head is swimming for the first weeks or months.  There is a big learning curve but eventually it starts making sense.

Rob Kemper - OpFocus
siddarth rajsiddarth raj
It wouldnt be that difficult If you have a touch of any programming language. Being Certified Adminsitrtor wish you have opportunity to go through different source code from organization in day to day.. Go through them carefully you would get used of them easily and paraallely try learning any programming language basics.