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URL No Longer Exists error when deleting


I am getting a URL No Longer Exists error when trying to delete an Apex Class.  When I click the delete button on the class it tells me that there are 4 apex jobs still referencing the class:

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Then when I click one of the 'Apex Job' links to try and resolve the issue I get the URL No Longer Exists error:

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I have scheduled a job for this specific class a few times, but have deleted the scheduled job (there is nothing referencing the class currently, I should be able to delete it).  Please let me know if you have any ideas for workarounds so that I can get this class deleted.

Shailesh DeshpandeShailesh Deshpande
It need not neccessarily be a Scheduled Job. You could also have a Batch Job referencing it. Best way to find out would be to navigate to the Apex Jobs and Scheduled Job section rather than trying to Navigate via the link.

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Also you can go to your actual class which you are trying to delete and see for any other dependencies using "Show Dependencies".


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Thanks Shailesh.  I checked the Apex Jobs list.  All jobs that refer to this class have been completed or aborted (scheduled apex).  I also checked the scheduled jobs page and the job that referenced that class has been deleted.  When clicking the "Show Dependencies" link this only seems to list dependencies that the class references, not the objects that reference the class.