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Salesforce randomly returns invalid error responses for Soap login requests

Hi Everyone,

My app, BizConnector, which has been operating for customers for ten years, has recently been experiencing an unusual problem.

It gets random invalid error responses for Soap login requests when it tries to log in to a specific client account.

This is happening for one client only - no other clients are experiencing this problem. It is happening randomly - it is not consistent. It is possible to receive an error response at one time, and then (subsequently) successfully log in at another time - with no changes to username or password in between.

Evidence for this is found in BizConnector logs, an example is shown below.

Log entry: 2015-02-26 13:58:05:
last_request=<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:ns1="" xmlns:xsi=""><SOAP-ENV:Header><ns1:CallOptions><ns1:client>E.../BizConnector</ns1:client><ns1:defaultNamespace xsi:nil="true"/></ns1:CallOptions></SOAP-ENV:Header><SOAP-ENV:Body><ns1:login><ns1:username>...username provided....</ns1:username><ns1:password>.......password provided.......</ns1:password></ns1:login></SOAP-ENV:Body></SOAP-ENV:Envelope>

last_request_hdrs=POST /services/Soap/u/24.0 HTTP/1.1
Connection: Keep-Alive
User-Agent: PHP-SOAP/5.2.12
Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8
SOAPAction: ""
Content-Length: 538

last_response=<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:sf="" xmlns:xsi=""><soapenv:Body><soapenv:Fault><faultcode>sf:INVALID_LOGIN</faultcode><faultstring>INVALID_LOGIN: Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out.</faultstring><detail><sf:LoginFault xsi:type="sf:LoginFault"><sf:exceptionCode>INVALID_LOGIN</sf:exceptionCode><sf:exceptionMessage>Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out.</sf:exceptionMessage></sf:LoginFault></detail></soapenv:Fault></soapenv:Body></soapenv:Envelope> 

Has anyone had a similar experience? The random nature of this error is puzzling.

Any help is appreciated.


Colin Goldberg
I am completely underwhelmed by the responses I am getting here (not). Somehow, this model, that requires me as an ISV to use this forum for bugs that Salesforce should want to fix is not working for me.

I think I have solved this immediate problem. For those of you who might be having similar problems:

My app had been using an earlier Soap wsdl version - Salesforce was returning random invalid error responses to login requests (ie. Invalid login, when this was not the case).

As soon as I updated the wsdl file, the random errors stopped. No further errors of this type have been detected.

A strict assessment of this would require, in my view, that Salesforce had better wsdl version management. So for requests to outdated/no longer managed versions, a better error response would be something like 'Deprecated version - please update'.

Thanks for listening.

Colin G