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Alexandr Metelsky 5Alexandr Metelsky 5 

How to register on the Marketing Cloud Developer Edition

Hi All,

Earlier I had the Marketing Cloud Developer Edition. I used it for development of integration between Exacttarget and Salesforce. But right now my Developer Edition account is expired. I go to the https://code.exacttarget.com/developer-edition/ and see that Developer Edition is not available for registration at this time. How to receive Developer Edition account now ? Are there the alternative solution? Please advice!
Sean O'Brien 4Sean O'Brien 4
Wondering the same, how to get access to a SFMC Dev acct....
Sakshi Shetty 7Sakshi Shetty 7
Did anyone find solution for this? Please let me know. 
Jackie StuartJackie Stuart
I would love to know the same!
Anil MalneniAnil Malneni
Unfortunately.. We don't have any developer edition for marketing cloud...

Michael Mott 16Michael Mott 16
If there is no developer account how can we help our customers use marketing cloud? Is there another option?
kevin lindenkevin linden
We are in the same boat.  Trying to build an integration but have no access to the email studio or content builder.  Can anyone help with this?
Market CloudMarket Cloud


Alexandr Metelsky ,

Please send me your marketing cloud details i can recovered your account details
and find the solution.



Miledccs SmithMiledccs Smith
for me, this thread solution worked https://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/164931/is-there-a-way-to-call-javascript-after-action-on-visualforce-page
with regards
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thomas mixthomas mix
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vance ellisvance ellis
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