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shiva pendemshiva pendem 

Salesforce1 - Reload option in top right menu in blue bar


We are trying to make use of Salesforce1 for our salesforce community requirement (Mobile Compatible). We have installed Salesforce1 app in android v5.0.1 version. We have made the configuration setup in change server option to add our community.

Problem: Once we choose the login.salesforce.com server, blue bar with top right menu option (Change Server, Clear Cookies and Reload) shows up. But if the user enters the username & password and logs in, the blue bar with these option does not show up.

As similar, if we choose our community login using Change Server option in top right menu (blue bar), our custom login VF page shows up. Once user enters the username & password and logs in, the blue bar with the top right menu is still shows up.

Our problem at the end will be the "Reload" option present in the menu. Post login, if the user chooses the "Reload" option from the top right menu, then our community with Custom VF pages is gone and standard community pages (with mobile compatible mobile UI) shows up. 

Instead of Custom VF login page, if we use "Communities Login" VF page provided by salesforce for login, then this blue bar doesn't show up post user login. Are we missing something in our custom VF login page which may be present in the "Communities Login" page by Salesforce?

Is there any permission setup available in the org, so that we can disable this top bar post login by the user or is there any alternate way to avoid the redirection to standard community pages?

Please advise.

Gaurav KheterpalGaurav Kheterpal

As I responded on your other thread, the 'Reload' functionality is not something the developer can control. If you believe this is a bug or a valid enhancement, you should raise it here - https://success.salesforce.com/ideaSearch

Please do not create duplicate threads for this.

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