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Activity Report on Call Log and Email

I am creating a report on Activity. It will show all the Call Log in given time period and all the Email as well.
Now i want to separete both of them. I want to see only the Call Log in report. But it is showing me Email as well.

I am trying to filter both as Activity type but it is not showing.

How to separate both Call Log and Email in report. Please help me as soon as possible.
Bhanu MaheshBhanu Mahesh

You can filter on the subject field whenever we create a task with log a call button subject will be Call and for email it will be Email: email subject  unless the user who is creating the task changes it

So try to filter by using subject field as subject starts with "email:" for email
and subject starts with "Call" for call

Refer the below link

Chris WoodwardChris Woodward

Have you found the right solution? If you haven't, I recommend that you check Tenfold. It is a CTI that integrates Salesforce with phone systems.

One of Tenfold's key features is its advanced call analytics dashboard. This dashboard provides individual or company-wide data in real-time or across different date ranges. Data include the number of calls, time of the call, average time per call, call direction, connect rates, notes taken, and more.

It will help you get a separate call report and email report. Tenfold's dashboard can also be used for gamification of call activities.

If you want to learn more about it, check this link: