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shiva pendemshiva pendem 

Reports and Dashboards in community


How to Display the Reports and Dashboards in Partner Community .Which permissions need to give if we want to access the reports and dashboards in Community ?

please advise .

NagaNaga (Salesforce Developers) 
Dear Shiva,

If the Reports and Dashboards tabs are exposed in the community, external users with Partner Community, Gold Partner, Silver Partner, Customer Community Plus, Customer Portal Manager Standard, and Customer Portal Manager Custom (for Enterprise Administration users) licenses can access reports and dashboards with some limitations.External users with Customer Community, High Volume Portal User, Service Cloud Portal, and Authenticated Website licenses don’t have access to dashboards.

External users can’t:

Make copies of, edit, or delete reports and dashboards
Schedule reports or dashboards for email and refresh at a specific date and time
Refresh dashboards to see latest data (however, external users with super user access can)External users with super user access (partner users with the “Partner Super User Access” permission and customer users with the “Portal Super User” permission) can:Be selected for the “Run as specified user” option.
Refresh dashboards they have access to.

External users with super user access can refresh dashboards set up with “Run as specified user” and “Run as logged-in user” up to 100 times daily per organization. Scheduled and automatic refreshes don’t count against the limit. There is no refresh limit for internal users.

After the initial refresh, the data is cached for 24 hours.

Please let me know if this helps

Best Regards
Naga kiran

shiva pendemshiva pendem
Dear Naga,

We want to Display the reports and Dashboards in Vf page for these we are creating vf page using <analytics:reportChart > Component and Adding them to the Community pages and we are trying to access these Vf page in Partner Community. While accessing this Vf page in Community getting  permission issue  As 'You need access to the source report type to view this report chart.'
Note : Reports are present in Custom folder and shared this folder to portal users.
Q: Which permission have to give profile/user level?
 Is there any permission need to give to rectify this issue..

Please advise me.



Hi Shiva

where you able to find a solution for this issue? I am having the same problem and I dont know how what else to do:

  • Custom profile has full access to the objects
  • report type is deployed
  • the report is within a folder where the user has permissions
Sunil PalSunil Pal
Hi Shiva pendem,

Your Issue is resolved ? I am getting the same issue. I have tried all the sort of steps given by Manza but still I am getting the same issue.
Please suggest If you solved the issue.
Brenna Hawley-CraigBrenna Hawley-Craig
I'm seeing this issue as well. Has anyone found a solution? Thanks.
Mikhail RzhevskyMikhail Rzhevsky
You need to look and modify your lookups and relations to allow access to Commmunity profile.
And check that all objects in report have at least read access in permission set.