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Scott WalkerScott Walker 

A developer Newbie - How do I progress and learn to code?

Hi all

So I have been a Salesforce admin for a while and still learning but really need to start getting my head around the fundamentals of coding within salesforce.  I have created numerous custom apps with workflows, different views and record types along with creating visual force pages with flows but no coding.

I live in NYC what should I start to learn and how.  I would benefit from an actual class to attend so I can ask quesitons relevent to my needs but I am not sure which courses or language is best to learn.  Any help or known courses would be much appreciated.
Aron Schor [Dev]Aron Schor [Dev]
I too am a newbie and live outside NYC.  I haven't taken a class but have gotten help from http://www.SFDC99.com.  Also, trying to read Head First Java but its tough.  I basically can do SOQL queries and can create controller pages from them, but again very basic.  I certainly am far from grasping Apex/Java.  Trailhead is also helpful.  Let me know any resources you find!
sandeep sankhlasandeep sankhla
Guys you will love this:

This is the easiest and too much effective way to learn Salesforce. Please try it once you will love all modules and very soon you will be able to do roubst code, there are many moudles specific to each topic.