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Salesforce1 7.1 iOS : Close a VF page opened from action button on object fails...

In version 7.0 and earlier, I was able to close a VF Page opened from an action button on a record by using the following javascript.

var win = window.open('','_self');

However, in version 7.1 of the Salesforce1 app (on iOS) this has the effect of closing the entire SF1 interface in an unrecoverable manor. So I switched to using sforce.one.back() however this seems to require two clicks when it is the onClick even of a button in the VF Page and sometimes has the effect of stepping back twice through the user history navigation rather then once. I've also tried just opening the original record, but this has the effect of opening it twice, requiring the user to click back twice to get to the home screen where they can access the left menu.

Any ideas?