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Pls suggest a Technical solution for this requirement, Urgent pls


We have the following requirement, please suggese a solution for the same. We need to have this implementation for Service Cloud.
We have a Product lookup field in Case Object.

On click of New button for creating a Case we have a Vf page(which is a custom record type selection VF page). Once Case Record Type is selected and click on the Continue button, it navigates to the Case Edit Page. The Case Edit Page is standard salesforce page.
Based on the Case record type selected, we have to populate the Product lookup field.
Say, if Case Record Type C1 is selected, Prod1 shud get auto-populated in Product lookup field in Case Edit Page , if C2 Case Record Type is selected, Prod2 shud get auto-populated in Product lookup field in Case.

Thanks in advance.
Hi Jaya,
The class which is related to your recordtype selection page ,you need to add the value in the URL .
However I need one information how many recordtype you have and the product relation will always fixed or it will change .
If fixed then you need to do one thing in the detail page you  need to right click and select inspect element and you will find one arrow sysmbol with the help of that you need to select the product look up field .

You will get two ID related to that field like  "CF00Ng0000000vUDT"  & CF00Ng0000000vUDT_lkid

You need to add some thing like this in your return URL which is redirecting to the record after record type selection.

?CF00Ng0000000vUDT='{Name of product}'&CF00Ng0000000vUDT_lkid={!Id of product});

You think how you can collect th related Product name and ID for each record type , you can get this in your class and assign in to the variale and use in the URL in place of NAME OF PRODUCT AND ID OF PRODUCT .
Thanks Manoj for your quick response. But I have already tried this approach but it didnt work because as I mentioned in my Post, it is for Service Cloud because in Service Cloud the URL is displayed always as something like
Please let me know if we have any work around for this or any other solution.

Thanks a lot.
Hey Jaya ,
In service cloud also you will get the look up id of the field in fire bug .So you can add in the URL it will populate value  to that field .