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Need Salesforce Developers, Consultants and Architects?

Hello Folks,

We are team of Salesforce Developers, Consultants and Architects with the experience of more than 7 years in Salesforce and Force.com

LogicRain specializes in

* Visualforce and custom controller extensions 
* Integration using Apex web services and Force.com API 
* Portals and Force.com Sites 
* Apex triggers 
* Apex Web services involving REST, and SOAP 
* Managed packaging and
* Customer Portal and Partner Portal
Our customers find Our Rates Competitive along with keeping trust with respect to the Quality Work and Timely Delivery.
Our focus areas are: 

a) Complex Visualforce and custom controller extensions 
b) Integration using Apex web services and Force.com API from .NET/PHP/Java 
c) Customer portal, Partner portal, and Force.com Sites 
d) Complex business rules using Apex triggers 
e) Apex Web services involving XML schemas, REST, and SOAP 
f) Apex governor limits and how to design around them 
g) Make Apex code ready for Force.com Application Security review and managed packaging

The cooperation format that we can offer to you can be based on any of the worldwide standard models (FP, FT, T&M, etc.) or any of their mixes and any other specifics that we agree upon. We want to consider all of the details of a potential project before we come up with the best possible price given the expected level of quality and timing expectations of yours.

Please reach us out on biz@logicrain.com or +1.732.676.6400 for further details regarding our company.

Best Regards!