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Darren DoudDarren Doud 

Help, I am stuck on a Challenge.....

I don't seem to understand the challenge. Do I create a picklist under Accounts?
Can someone help me get started? I am having trouble getting started. I appreciate any help.

Here's the challenge.

Create an approval process that validates when a Prospect Account becomes a Customer.For purposes of local regulation new customers must be approved by the legal team.

When an Account has the value of 'Prospect' in the Type field, a user will click the 'Submit for Approval' button to launch an approval process. The process will only happen if Type is 'Prospect' and there are more than 500 employees. Upon entry of the process, Type will become 'Pending' and be locked. If approved, Type will be set to 'Customer' and be unlocked. If not approved, Type will be set back to 'Prospect' and will be unlocked.

The Account object's Type field must have the following picklist values: Prospect, Customer, Pending. Before creating the approval process, verify the values in your Account object setup
The approval process name must be 'Approve New Account'.
When user click 'Submit for Approval', the approval must be processed if the Type field is set to 'Prospect' and the value of Employees is greater than 500.
Upon entering the approval process, set the Type field to 'Pending' and lock the record.
Normally the approver would be someone else. In this instance, assign yourself to be the approver.
If approved, set the Type field to 'Customer' and unlock the record.
If not approved, set the Type field back to 'Prospect', and unlock the record.
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Darren DoudDarren Doud
I have found the answer. Forgot to set this to solved.

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Rahul Sangwan7341Rahul Sangwan7341
Hi Darren,

this is simple Approval challenge, you don't want to create any picklist field you have to use standard picklist named as Type in account.

1) Set the Standard Piclist Type values as Prospect, Customer and Pending.
2) Check there is number field in Account named as Customer or not(If not create 1 number field in Account).
3) While creating Approval process your's entry criteria should be value of type field as 'Prospect' and Employee field should have value greater than 500.

Please mark this as Best Answer if it helps you to solve your problem.

Let me know if you are finding any difficulty in this.
Darren DoudDarren Doud
Still having issues with this . I believe I have what you said done. For some reason I am having problems figuring this one out.

Please help.
Rahul Sangwan7341Rahul Sangwan7341
can you please describe what issue you are facing now................means where you are getting error
Darren DoudDarren Doud
I created Prospect, Customer and Pending as picklist values in the standard "Type" field. Here is my  screenshots of what I have done.

User-added image

User-added image

This is what I am getting now. What field am I missing? I know this can't be to complicated.

User-added image

I ran into this same issue. I used the Jump Wizard to create the approval process and neglected to select the approver. I think it is either the first or second step. I couldn't figure out how to change this after creating the approval process, so I ended up deleting it and creating it again. After this, the challenge passed.
Darren DoudDarren Doud
I've done that Bryan. Can you email me what you did at Thanks
When creating the Approval Process via the Jump Start Wizard, for the Select Approver, I selected "Automatically assign to approver(s)" and selected the user that I was logged-in as. I checked the other configuration against yours and everything seems to be the same.

Initially, I left Select Approver as "Let the submitter choose the approver manually" and this let to the latest error that you are seeing. However, if this does not fix the issue, then I'm not sure what may be wrong.

I've run into an issue on a couple modules where the org cannot have a Namespace assigned, otherwise Trailhead cannot check the challenge due to the API using the generic namespace. It's even more annoying since you cannot unregister a namespace once it is registered. There is an idea out there to allow this, but I believe it's been out there for 7 years!
Darren DoudDarren Doud
What did you have in the approval steps
My Approval Steps has "Assigned Approver" set to "User:Bryan Anderson". I see now that your screenshot shows "Manually Chosen". If you update that to your current user, then that should allow the challenge to be completed.
Darren DoudDarren Doud
No, now it says this.

The process did not set the correct Type value on submitting for approval.

This is killing me.
Darren DoudDarren Doud
I finally figured this out.
Kalpana AwateKalpana Awate
I did the same steps as bryan.anderson, deleted the existeing process workflow. Created new one, and while doing so I choosed Automatically assign to approver(s) option in Select Approver window, that solved my problem. 

Thank you bryan.anderson.
Darren DoudDarren Doud
I have found the answer. Forgot to set this to solved.
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Jason Alan BohrerJason Alan Bohrer

Ok, losing my mind here: can someone please explain how to "add 'Prospect', 'Customer' and 'Pending' picklist values to the Account 'Type' field"

Need to finish Routing Records w/ Approvals and I have tried everything

Wanda TWanda T
Me too Jason.  I don't see it anywhere.
Jason Alan BohrerJason Alan Bohrer

Hey Wanda: I had 95% of this cahllenge locked in up until that snag.

Fortunately, Amit and Sandeep were amazing in assisting me with this.

You can find their response here, from start to finish:

Priyanka Jain 8Priyanka Jain 8
I m getting this error and all my steps are correct
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The approval process entry criteria evaluated to true when they should have been false. Check to make sure you have set all entry criteria exactly as specified in the challenge
User-added image
I kept receiving errors until I updated the assigned users to "automatic. If you guys did everything else correctly and don't want to re-create the approval process, you can edit the "Users Approved" by going to "Approval Steps" then selecting edit, then on step 2, select "Automatic" and that should fix your problem.

Thanks everyone for suggesting this.

@Priyanka Jain 8, you probably solved this already, but for everyone else, under "Final Approval Actions" you can select EDIT next to Record Lock, and unlock it, since the instructions say approved/rejected accounts end up unlocked.
Kajal KantariaKajal Kantaria
Hi Priyanka,
please ckeck your criteria where you specified {Account:Emplooys greater than 300 instead of 500}. It might be the problem.
Here is my Screen Shot. Hope it will help you and others who is stuck in this challange. If my answer is helpful than please mark as the best answer. Thank you.
User-added image
Anoop T UAnoop T U
I'm getting an error - "Looks like something went wrong, please try again later."
All the setup was done as suggested. Error message doesnt tell me anything, please help
Daria HorinbeinDaria Horinbein
I got the same error "Looks like something went wrong, please try again later." 
Nilyan Genesis Berti CalvettiNilyan Genesis Berti Calvetti
I had the same problem, using the chrome browser, switch to mozilla firefox and it worked fine.
jaya k 12jaya k 12
I got this error  message "When an account is submitted for approval, the approval process doesn't set the correct Type value." please let me know what to do?