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devika trailhead 4devika trailhead 4 

All the expected custom fields for the Campsite_Reservation__c object could not be found.

I have made all the changes as per the task requirements but getting this errror. Please help me.
Sandeep BhanotSandeep Bhanot
Please double check the spelling of all the custom fields that you've created and make sure thay they match what's in the challenge requirements. Thanks
Sandeep Bhanot
Jayant YadavJayant Yadav
Hi Devika,

I am getting the same error, were you able to get it resolved ?
Jayant YadavJayant Yadav
Hi Sandeep,

I am sure the spellings are all correct, still getting the error (snip below).

And thanks a lot for all the Code Talks and Webinars. They are all awesome :).

User-added image

User-added image
Sandeep BhanotSandeep Bhanot
Hi Jayant - I apologize for this issue and also for not responding to the feedback email that you sent earlier. We got the email over the weekend and hence the delayed response. Would you mind posting a screenshot (preferably the entire page) of the Campsite Reservation object that you've created in your DE Org? Thanks much.
Jayant YadavJayant Yadav
Here's the screenshot. Sorry for delayed reply. Custom fields' and error's snap is already given above.

User-added image

Jayant YadavJayant Yadav
Name field's details - 

User-added image
Sandeep BhanotSandeep Bhanot
After working with Jayant directly, turns out that his problem was related to Fied Level Security (FLS) settings in his Org. For some unknown reason, the FLS for one of the fields on the Campsite Reservation object made that field invisible to the System Administrator profile. That was the reason the challenge check couldn't 'find' the field and was throwing an error. 
For future reference, please make sure that all the objects and fields that you create as part of this challenge are visible to the System Administrator profile. Thanks
Jayant YadavJayant Yadav
Thanks a lot Sandeep for your support in getting this resolved.
Ryan MaloneyRyan Maloney
Hi, I'm running into the same issue. 

I have made all my objects visibal but no luck was there anything else that needed to be changed from Jayant's example? 

Thank you

Thanks Sandeep, I just ran into this exact same thing, spending 20 minutes thinking I was going bonkers and that I couldn't spot a simple spelling mistake somewhere, but alas, for some reason my start date field was invisible to my system admin, still not quite sure how that happened. Never mind, +500 points, YEAH!
Dhiren Patel 8Dhiren Patel 8
I just had the exact same problem with the same error message, "All the expected custom fields for the Trail__c object could not be found."  

Suggest to just delete the object and try again.  One thing I did do was make sure all the checkboxes were marked under the security settings for the custom fields. 

Best of luck to everyone, and thanks Sandeep, your input helped greatly!
Mark CokerMark Coker
I came across the same problem for campsite. My description Field Level Security was not set to visable for a few users. 

It would be nice to know more, i assume this is a bug (will have to double check default permissions on creation from now on) ? or have we done something incorrect?
abhijith katkamabhijith katkam
I would say redo the exercise with all the visible fields marked , i faced the same problem redid it it works now
Kevin Nussbaum 7Kevin Nussbaum 7
Having trouble... Working on a trailhead module.... getting this error....Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
All the expected custom fields for the Campsite__c object could not be found. I have been working on this for days.. someone please help.
Roosmarijn BuijsRoosmarijn Buijs
Finally found the issue with mine. For some random reason, my field security view settings for the User__c field were switched off for a bunch of users, including sys admin. I wonder why...
Can some one please explain to me how to edit the FLS settings?  I'm super new to this!  Thanks!
jaishanker c 4jaishanker c 4
Click the custome field which you want to check the FSL, you will be redirected to the field setting page. There you have Set Field Level Security button (after Edit button) just click are there ....
Matthew Jones 13Matthew Jones 13
Had to update FLS for ALL fields on BOTH Objects 'Campsite' and 'Campsite Reservations' in order to pass this challenge.  Set FLS visible to all.