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Tanmay AnwekarTanmay Anwekar 

<apex:outputLink value="https://c.ap2.visual.force.com/apex/FullpgeExp">Home</apex:outputLink> It is not working

I have designed a Home page using visualforce in which I have made all visualforce tabs and have redirected them to the original object using <apex:outputlink> all tabs are redirecting properly to their respective original tabs just like  <apex:outputLink value="https://ap2.salesforce.com/701/o">iCampaigns</apex:outputLink>  is redirecting to standard Campaign object, but in case of Home page i.e <apex:outputLink value="https://c.ap2.visual.force.com/apex/FullpgeExp">Home</apex:outputLink> in Home  page case I have redirected tab to the visualforce Home page created by me but in this case it redirects me only once to my created VF Home page and then it directly redirects to the standard home page, meanwhile if you check the code after clicking Home page once u'll find that the Tag i.e  <apex:outputLink value="https://c.ap2.visual.force.com/apex/FullpgeExp">Home</apex:outputLink>  has dissappeared from the code. Please suggest me proper solution.
Rahul BorgaonkarRahul Borgaonkar

You don't have to mention full link. You can write code as below
<apex:outputLink value="/apex/FullpgeExp">Home</apex:outputLink>

Please share VF code for more details.

sahitya adminsahitya admin
<apex:page standardController="Account" recordSetVar="accounts">
    <apex:form >
        <apex:repeat var="a" value="{!Accounts}">

               <apex:outputLink value="/{!a.ID}" >
        </apex:repeat> </li>
</apex:page>in this case also,outputlink is not working