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Diavonna SpiveyDiavonna Spivey 

Workflow Rule to Populate Multiple Date Fields - Dependent on When Corresponding Fields Are Populated

I have a scenario where I have 9 text fields that are being populated based on activity from our website. I am attempting to create a Workflow Rule that will update the corresponding date fields (ex. UTM Campaign, UTM Campaign Date) with the dates of WHEN the field was actually populated.  What I'm running into is when the WFR fires, it's populating ALL the date fields regardless of whether the field is actually populated. I know I can do this with multiple rules, but if possible I would like to accomplish this with a single WFR.  I first attempted this with a formula within the rule, but that didn't work so I moved over to criteria and that's not working either.  I'm usually fairly good with figuring out WFRs with a bit of research, but this one has me stumped.  Here's a screen shot of what I have currently:  

Google Analytics WFR

A little guidance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much!

Samuel JohnsonCBESamuel JohnsonCBE
You could try to use the process builder instead of seperate workflow rules.  Process builder allows to build multiple rules within one rule