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Ken KoellnerKen Koellner 

Import/Export/Report on Field Metadata/description/inline help.

I'd like to get our business users to more completely fillin in the Description text and Inline Help for many custom fields.  Visiting each via the web interface to definitions would be tedius.  What I'd like is a way to import/export/report metadata for custom field definitions are flat fields.  (Editing XML is a bit too techie.)  Unfortunately, unlike most RDMSs, SF doesn't represent Metadata as data so you can't use SOQL on metadata or update it with Apex.  I know there is a Metadata API but I don't have time to write an application using it to build an editor.

Does anyone know of any existing utility that will allow exporting, reporting, and importing of some attributes of custom fields? 

I'd want to export/report the type, name, api name, description, and inline help.  I'd like import description and maybe inline help.

Any ideas?
PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Ken,

Please refer ccto this post:

Ken KoellnerKen Koellner
I did look out on the AppExchange and found some things that might help.  What we really want to do is initialize a Data Dictionary of objects and fields.  Then allow users to add more discriptive info.

What's trully annoying is that the describe methods available can extract all the information on fields except the Description attribute.  That is not exposed.  So we can't pull descriptions that have already be entered in the metadata itself.
Cindy Reynolds 6Cindy Reynolds 6
There is an AppExchange tool called EasyDescribe by Etherios that will report on inline Help Text and other such metadata. Very helpful. However, the tool does have a weakness for very large objects; I have an custom object with 450+ fields out of the 500 limit and the Tool would be most helpful for this object in particular, but I can't get it to run successfully on this one Object.
Alexis KasperaviciusAlexis Kasperavicius
EasyDescribe looks to have been abandoned, but there is a new one called Field Dumper (" target="_blank) that will extract Help, but not description.

And then I've also been playing with Element Cloud  (" target="_blank) if you want to serioulsy organize Description and Help, and properly organize your whole instance as well. It's a new tool that has some roots in SAP will let you not only report on, but update help and description fields in your production and all linked sandbox instances, map out complete operational flows, report on used fields, etc. It's only been out for a couple of months but is getting solid 5 star reviews. It's paid, but not awful (for the admin only - about USD 60/month, but viewing is free for users), comes with a 2 week free trial.

Alexis KasperaviciusAlexis Kasperavicius
A new admin tool just came out which does exactly this: bulk create/updates/deletes all help & description files using an Excel list. It also will clone fields between objects or even entire objects between different Salesforce instances, let you bulk update all field metadata, including formula fields as well as all of the new compliance fields (Data Owner, Data Sensitivity Level, etc.). It's a paid app, but very reasonable, not per user & lets you switch license between orgs, etc. See: Bulk Object Field Creator (
Tristyn MaaloufTristyn Maalouf
All the data for this report (as well as other metadata like Created By, Last Modified By, etc.) can be gathered in Apex using the Schema Class and the Tooling API. For a class and VF page that will get you the data see Salesforce Schema Auditor ( To export into Excel you can use the Chrome Table Capture Tool which copies the data table from the VF page so that it can be easily copied into Excel. I had to do the same audit for my org and we just added a column for "Add Description Here" and our end users could then see the field data and add in the description via the Excel spreadsheet we gave them that had a tab for each object we wanted updated.