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Srini NandhiSrini Nandhi 

standard Save and Cancel is not Refreshing the complete Console page. Its refreshing only Detail page.


i have an issue with Refreshing page after performing Cancel and Save on Case Details page in the Console.
after performing the Standard Save and Cancel from VF is knowledgebar and Highlights panel is not getting dispaly. but if i refresh the page i am getting all the bars.
I tried with Integration Toolkit methods but its not working.

when i click one Custombutton it should open a VF in subtab with predifined name and display. i used stanadard Cancel & Save. when i click Save or cancel (on VF)  it should redirect to Case Details.(CaseFeed Layout) it should display with knowledgebar, higlights panel 

please Help me out
Thanks in Advance.
Srini, Salesforce console is totally based on Iframes, so it takes time to refresh everything, when you saved the case, wait to sometime it will get refreshed, side bar or anything sidebar that you have added associated with the detail page record.

One suggestion, go to the layout of the Case and add that knowledgebar  and Highlights panel on the detail layouts of the case sidebare, so that any case if you'll open you'll have knowledgebar  and Highlights already their related to it. 
At that time on when you'll cancel the case it will close that particular primary tab.
And when you edit and save it then also they will get refreshed with the time Case is updated.

About opening a sub tab on click of a button, salesforce have some method to open primary tab, Sub tab etc like below
<apex:page standardController="Case">

    <A HREF="#" onClick="testOpenSubtab();return false">
        Click here to open a new subtab</A> 

    <apex:includeScript value="/support/console/22.0/integration.js"/>
    <script type="text/javascript">
        function testOpenSubtab() {
            //First find the ID of the primary tab to put the new subtab in
        var openSubtab = function openSubtab(result) {
            //Now that we have the primary tab ID, we can open a new subtab in it
            var primaryTabId = result.id;
            sforce.console.openSubtab(primaryTabId , 'http://www.salesforce.com', false, 
                'salesforce', null, openSuccess, 'salesforceSubtab');
        var openSuccess = function openSuccess(result) {
            //Report whether we succeeded in opening the subtab
            if (result.success == true) {
                alert('subtab successfully opened');
            } else {
                alert('subtab cannot be opened');