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Code deployment scenario

We are in the unique situation of managing multiple Salesforce accounts, but having very similar setups (custom objects, fields, apex code).

I'm trying to find the best way to maintain code between the Salesforce orgs in an efficient way. If we make an update to an apex class, we'd rather not have to go into each org and manually push an update. What do you guys recommend as the best approach?

Managed Package: We don't want the package to be public, and we won't be making a profit so it doesn't make sense to pay to have it on the AppExchange. Otherwise, this seems like the ideal scenario to take advantage of automatic pushing of updates.

Unmanaged Package: Seems to fit the bill, except for the workflow of updating code. Would we just have to install the updated unmanaged package onto each org (and the deployment process is smart enough to update and not replace the components?)

Force.com Migration tool: Also seems like a feasible option. Although I envision the same scenario in which pushing updates would be hard to do.

Anyone have advice for this scenario?
sandeep sankhlasandeep sankhla
Hi Aviator,

 You can use eclipse IDE for deployments..Force.com Migration tool will be best for you..

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Preeti LalwaniPreeti Lalwani
It is a very common problem in the Salesforce ecossytem. You should use a solution like flosum (www.flosum.com). The demo video is on the home page. It is applicable both for Salesforce customers and ISV partners.