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Deepu BDeepu B 

Youtube Integration with Eclipse problem.

Hi , i wrote an integration class in the eclipse 

public class YoutubeInte {
public string myresult;
 public string finlaresult{get;set;}
 public pageReference show()
     HTTP p = new HTTP();
     HTTPRequest request = new HTTPRequest();
     HTTPResponse response = p.send(request);
     fromjson js = (fromjson) json.deserialize(myresult,fromjson.class);
     finalresult = ''+js.items[0].snippet.title;
     return null;

i am trying to show in VF page using:

<apex:page controller='YoutubeInte'> it showing error here with Compilation error: Unknown property 'YoutubeInte.finalresult'
In your controller, your variable is spelled finlaresult instead of finalresult