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sfdcDeveloper 12sfdcDeveloper 12 

Controlling Access to Fields

I am not able to understand the below challenge

The Marketing Coordinator and Account Manager both require access to view and update Account Records, but only the Account Manager should be able to see and edit certain fields. Specifically, only the Account Manager should be able to see and edit the Rating field. The Marketing Coordinator should not be able to see or edit the Rating field. Create one profile and one permission set with the appropriate field-level security to solve for this use case.The profile must be named 'Basic Account User' and result in an API name of 'Basic_Account_User'. It should use the 'Salesforce' user license type.
The permission set must be named ‘Account Rating’ and result in an API name of 'Account_Rating'.
sandeep sankhlasandeep sankhla
Hi Narendra,

The below challenge is ..there are 2 user : markerting Coordinate and Account Manager
Account Manager should have more access then Coordinater..

These both should have edit and view access but only for one field *rating* Account manager should be able to see adn edit but Coordinate should not be able to see this need to hide this field from coordinate using permission set..

please implement this and you can find this in Trailhhead  and salesforce fundamental PDF ..

Please check and let me know if you are able to make it..else I will provide the more elaboration..
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Salesforce Certified Developer 
sfdcDeveloper 12sfdcDeveloper 12
Thank you sandeep for your reply.
But my doubt is which profile I need to make i.e. Marketing Coordinate, Account Manager or Basic Account User.
However I already made Basic Account User profile and Account Rating permission set but it is showing Challenge not yet completed.
Barbara GrossBarbara Gross
I think creating a profile "Basic Account User" and a permission set "Account Rating" is correct. The profile should be the one that has the more restricted access, i.e. it should have no permission to access the rating field. The permission set on the other hand should have read/write access to the rating field.
That way, all users can have the Basic Account User profile and not see the rating field, only the Account manager in addition will have the "Account Rating" permission set and thus will have access to the rating field.
My guess is that you forgot to remove the access to the rating field from the "Basic Account User" profile.
Suresh MadabushiSuresh Madabushi
Barbara - This perfectly worked for me. 
Thank You