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ajay hada 9ajay hada 9 

Input filed not shown in force.com website .

I create a form in visualforce page and create force.com website. At force.com submit button is showing but input filed not showing. please provide me solution
Can you please include your current Visualforce code?

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Hi Ajay,

We can help you more if you provide the code.

Your issue sounds like a profile issue. If you were checking the page as a guest user, make sure the guest profile has an edit access for the field and object.
Cory CowgillCory Cowgill
As members above say please provide more information.

That being said did you check the FLS on the Profile that is associated to the Force.com Site? That is most common cause of this uissue. Remember there is a Profile associated to the Force.com Site because it is aunathenticated. You need to configure the Public Access Settings so that the Force.com Site has CRUD, FLS, etc. Security Access to the data you want to expose. Please see below.