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shiva pendemshiva pendem 

apex:selectlist not accessible in IE,8,9,10

HI Friends,

In My senario <apex:selectlist> not accessible in IE 8,9,10 browsers,We have to click several times in the dropdown menus to traverse. Can anybody advise me .

Here is my Code :

<apex:selectList value="{!typeofcust}" multiselect="false" styleClass="Dropdwn" id="List" size="1"  disabledClass="picklistdisablecls" enabledClass="picklistenablecls">
                        <apex:selectOption itemValue="Customers"  itemLabel="Customers" />                       
                        <apex:selectOption itemValue="Branch Customers" itemLabel="Branch Customers" />
                        <apex:selectOption itemValue="All Customers" itemLabel="All Customers"/>
                        <apex:actionSupport event="onchange" action="{!selectedcustomers}" rerender="pageblock,table" />                  

This is the code using in vf page but its working fine in IE11,firefox,Chrome but in IE10,9,8 when we click on the dropdown list its not allow us to select the values(option) of dropdown.can anybody please give your suggestion for working this Dropdown in IE10,9,8 properly.

please advise me.


Hi Shiva,

As per the latest release made by Salesforce, the issues which comes under IE version lesser than 8 will not be investigated. For the solution of your problem, can you please try with <select> tag instead of using <apex:select> tag? I hope it will work.

shiva pendemshiva pendem
HI Pankaj,

My problem is its not working in IE,9,10 Versions also. Any idea on this to make this work in IE9,10 browser without changing the Component.

Hii Shiva,
 There is no any special rule for creating the drop down list for IE 8,9,10. DropDown list work for all browser in same way.
Please check out your CSS that u have applied for <apex:selectLsit> and <apex:selectListOPtion> .