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Developer console not working

Hii All,
why my developer console is not working ?
First this problem was with ap2 instance but now it's started happening with AP1 instance too.

When i click on devleoper console it prompt to open in new window but after opening it minimized and after that it become irresponsive so atlast browser give the option to kill the pages.

Any help will be appreciated.

sandeep sankhlasandeep sankhla
Hi Rishav,

You can check in another browser then you current browser..
Varun PareekVarun Pareek
Clear your cache/browser history and give it a shot.
Hii Sandeep,
I cleaned my browser, removed all cookies, but still it's not working.
I tried in chrome,mozillla, and IE but everywhere same problem is thers.
After tried these all i posted question.
I am in developer edition so i can't log a case with salesforce that's also a big problem.

It's happening with my 3 dev org.