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who to write code the below requirment....

1. Create a VF page where user can select an account from a pick-list.
2. Below the pick-list, there will be a text area for user to type message.
3. Below text area a Submit button is needed.
4. When user clicks on Submit, an email has to be sent to the selected account.
5. Email should have the message user typed in text area.
6. Email should have a dynamic unsubscribe link.
7. When recipient clicks on unsubscribe link it should take them to a public force.compage.
8. This page will ask recipient if they want to unsubscribe.
9. When recipient confirms, the  flag for sending emails should be set to false.
SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
When you say Account, an Acocunt can have multiple contacts - you may want to specify which contact you wish to send an email to..sample code on the link below;