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Paul McMurrughPaul McMurrugh 

Paragraph Alignment on Visualforce

Hi, I some text displaying in a Visualforce page like this;

User-added image
I want to align the paragraph and the title like this;

User-added image
How do I do this?

sandeep sankhlasandeep sankhla
Hi Paul,

You can use table structore to do this...
In a row you can have 2 td and then you can set and fix the width and height of them...

Let me knwo if you need anything else

Mikola SenykMikola Senyk
Hi Paul,

You can do it with CSS:
.par {
  text-indent: -2em;
  margin-left: 2em;
and use class for some paragraphs:
<p class="par">21.1 Both parties will proceed to ...</p>