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Nicholas MelonasNicholas Melonas 

Automatic Filters on Campaigns


I am trying to create a drip campaign. If leads are in our "Claimed" status, I want emails to be sent out based on the age of the lead. The first email, for example, will be the campaign "Claimed #1" and will be sent out if the status is "Claimed" and it is the first day the lead has been in claimed.

Is it possible for my "Claimed' leads to be filtered in and out of this campaign automatically? For example, I want only leads that are in "Claimed" and the lead age equals "0." Hypothetically, the lead should appear in this campaign automatically on day 1, but on day 2 it should disappear from the campaign and leads that fit the criteria should populate the campaign.

Please let me know if this automation is possible! Thanks so much!