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Madhanprabhu Thangadurai 1Madhanprabhu Thangadurai 1 

Bulk Child Record Update using Process Builder and Flows

Is it possible to do bulk record update in my Child Record using Process Builder and Flows Combination ?

My Scenario is - Whenever the Account Owner Changes (in Bulk), the related Contact Owners should be changed. 

Can someone help me how to achieve this using Process Builder and Flows Combination ?
Madhanprabhu - You can do this using process builder in salesforce, just follow the steps in the following video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pECPZ0kqpQ
Madhanprabhu Thangadurai 1Madhanprabhu Thangadurai 1
Hi Karanraj,

I appreciate your comments. Seems the video is private and i'm not able to access it in YouTube. Is there any other link do you have ? Thanks again.
Please check now.
Madhanprabhu Thangadurai 1Madhanprabhu Thangadurai 1
Yeah thanks for providing me the access. Will it handle bulk record updates on Account ? Because i have tried the same scenario using Process Builder and did a bulk Account Update ( 300 records) through Data Loader. First 100 records were successfully updated and the remaining 200 records failed with "System.LimitException: Too many SOQL queries: 101"
Its looks like the error which you are getting is not due the process builder. There is apex code in your org which cause this SOQL limit exception. Make sure that you are not using any SOQL query inside the for loop in your Apex code.
Madhanprabhu Thangadurai 1Madhanprabhu Thangadurai 1
Oh. No. Initially i got that System.LimitException. But now i',m getting the following error for all the 300 account records. "The record couldn’t be saved because it failed to trigger a flow. A flow trigger failed to execute the flow with version ID 301L00000009HbR. Contact your administrator for help.". Moreover, i don't have any apex codes related to Account & Contact Objects in My Org.

Even i have tried the solution given in the below link and got the same error.
Leandro Valdes VieraLeandro Valdes Viera
@Karanraj can I get access to the video?
Joseph Kubon (he/him/his)Joseph Kubon (he/him/his)
@Karanraj, may I kindly have access to the video, please?
Ravi Kiran 74Ravi Kiran 74
@Madhanprabhu Thangadurai 1, did you able to figure it out? As i have same issue when updating more than certain number of records. 

Thanks in Advance.
Luke HovestadtLuke Hovestadt
@Karanraj can I get access to the video?  I'm trying to update a number of child records when the parent is changed.  Thanks
shivram survaseshivram survase
Hi Madhanprabhu,
As process builder is not bulkified,like workflow  I'll suggest process builder won't be suitable option for mass records.As you're upadting 300 records through data loader ,then 1st 100 records will get updated and will hv error ' Too many SOQL queries: 101'.Hope process builder will be bulkified in next release.Thanks
Shawn SchaferShawn Schafer
@Karanraj can I get access to the video as well?  I'm trying to update the owner on related records to the account object using the process builder, but have not had any luck.
Rebekah CaseyRebekah Casey
@karanraj can I please get access to the video?
Mike ChevretteMike Chevrette
@karanraj, can I please access this video.  It's exactly what I'm trying to accomplish.
Anthony MalenaAnthony Malena
2 years and the video is still PRIVATE.  Not helpful.   :-( 
Leandro Valdes VieraLeandro Valdes Viera
The easiest way to do it, if you don't have complex logic, requires only the Process Builder. My understanding is that Process Builder is bulkified now, but you can always refer to the Release Notes for that.

If it is as straightforward as "Update all related Contacts when Account Owner is changed", try this:

1- Create new Process to start from the Account object. Select "when a record is created or edited":

Step 1: New process to start from Account object

2- Set Criteria for when OwnerId on the Account is changed:

Select field Owner Id
Owner Id is changed

3- Add an Immediate Action, Action Type = Update Records, Record Type = "Contacts" (This is Contacts related to the Account), and select the fields you want to update (Contact Owner ID in this case, with the value of the Account Owner Id):

User-added image

I hope you find this useful! 
Raj Patel 7Raj Patel 7
@karanraj can I please get access to the video?
Savitha Hiremath 30Savitha Hiremath 30
@karanraj can i get acees to the video?
Ken Tallman 10Ken Tallman 10
Thank you @Leandro Valdes Viera! I hadn't realized that SF had provided bulk child updates from Process Builder. This is HUGE for me!