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Rodelio SantosRodelio Santos 

Email-to-Case: Not creating cases if single mail sent to multiple email id


This is email-to-case issue. i create three email service addresses, these are all gmail accounts and all are already verified. auto forwarding ara already configured. i tried to send email to one email address, tested this for all 3 email ids, one by one, and 3 cases were created. However, i tried to send a single email, indicated all 3 email ids in the TO: line..No cases were created. im expecting 3 new cases to be created.

Please help.

PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Rodelio Santos,

You should have only one email id in TO: to create a case. As you have mentioned 3 email addresses in To:  that is the reason cases didn't get created. 


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