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Swamy P R NSwamy P R N 

List Price value has to change on PriceBookEntry object

Hello folks,

I have Discount field on PriceBook object. If i select 10 as the discount than automatically selected product "List Price" has been changed with 10% difference value.
For ex:
Discount is10 on PriceBook object, and list price is 1000 on PriceBookEntry. If i Add a product in pricebook related list with some list price value than automatically "list price" has changed to 900.

We dont have option to write a trigger on PriceBookEntry object. So how can i achieve this.

Thanks in advance.
Big EarsBig Ears

Can you further explain your use case? Pricebooks and their prices are typically fairly static (and set by the administrator). If you need to update the list prices on a pricebook, Dataloader may be more appropriate.

How frequently do your list prices within a pricebook change?

With thanks,