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URL button from Case to Contact

Hi All,

I have created a button that passes value from Case to Contact when we try create a new contact from case. I am able to pass value like account info, phone number from case to phone number of contact as it is one to one maping. But I am not able to pass Case ID from Case to Contact. Case related list. Bascially, when I create a contact from case automatically my button should attached that case in the contact. Here is my URL formula.{!Case.Account}&con10={!Account.Phone}&{!Case.ContactId}={!Case.Id}&RecordType=012n00000008Wq0&ent=Case

Please help.

What is the problem you are facing, is blank ? 
Where have you placed the button, is it on case detail page, or case related list ? 
The Case Id is not passing through. I have placed the button on case detail page. If I create a contact from case detailed page ideally what I want is auto-populate the case id on the case related list of the contact. Is it possible?
The contact Lookup is on Case object, so after you create the contact, you would need to come back to the case and populate the case-id so that it starts appearing in the case related list, and this won't happen automatically. Have you done some work-around for this ? 

I dont see any problem in passing the case ID in the URL, but what are you doing on contact, after you receive this parameter ?
Hi Hargobind,

That's what I don't want. I know I have to come back to case and then click on the lookup and attached the contact to the case so that it starts appearing. But that what we want to automate. I need a way/workaround as soon a contact is created from the case detailed page, the case should be automatically be attached to the contact since it is created from case page. Is this possible? That what I wanted to know.