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Ivaylo BalabanovIvaylo Balabanov 

About flow "does not contain" operator


I am trying to implement Processes and visual flows in my organisation but i need to have "does not contain" operator in the flows.
It is not shown in the list. That could be a big problem if i am not able to use it.
Any ideas somehow to replace it?

PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Ivaylo,

Thats a nice idea. I will suggest you to post the idea on Ideaexchange (https://success.salesforce.com/ideaSearch) so this will get delievered in coming releases.

Nicholas ZuaroNicholas Zuaro
I am currently facing the same problem. Have you discovered a work around for it yet? I tried a few of  my own but unfortunately can't get it going.
Deepak RathinaveluDeepak Rathinavelu
Hi Ivaylo,

Try this
Say you are check if variable1 does not contain "hello"
add it as a criteria 

criteria1-> variable1:contains:hello

and add another criteria


now select the advanced logic option and type the following condition 


Deepak Rathinavelu
Shim Bindra 8Shim Bindra 8
Hi Ivaylo,

I used a decision to get around this in flow. Decisions also allow Advanced Logic so you're able to selecte NOT() to achieve does not contain.
Angela CapazAngela Capaz
Will flow logic accept "Not"? That should work for me...