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Consuming a Webservice, using a custom field as filter [standard object]

This thread started here: http://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/73096/how-to-make-an-in-line-visualforce-page-to-be-displayed-in-the-new-lead-standard/

I created a Visualforce Page to search for Addresses based on the CEP (Zip Code in Brazil). Then I created a new section on the Lead template and added the new Visualforce page. Everything is working just fine. However, the in-line Visulforce Page is not being displayed at the NEW LEAD page.

I'm using Lead as the searchCEP page standardController:

<apex:page standardController="Lead" extensions="myCustomVFLeadController">

Here's the Lead Layout:  

User-added image

Here, the Edit Lead Layout:

User-added image
Awesome, right? It''s working like a charm. 

But then, @ the new Lead Layout:  

User-added image

I wanted the Visualforce page to be displayed also in the NEW LEAD standard page. But I learned that this is not possible. 

Here is my question:

I don't want to override the current Lead Page.
So, what's the best solution here? I need to use the field CEP (see image above) as a filter to query information consuming data from a Webservice. With the page I created everything is working just fine. I don't want to recreate the New Lead Page and override it. Also, I have at least 5 more templates for the lead page.

How to use a field to perform this operation and return data from the Webservice into the Lead fields, in both view and edit mode?