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How To Integrate Salesforce with Cvent

i am now having a requirement of integrating Cvent with salesforce. The users are using Cvent to create their Campaign templates and sends them to contacts. Now the reason for this integration is that it mainly needs the status of the contact when updated in cvent should be updated in salesforce and vice versa.i.e)The Invitee status as accepted or declined

Now the problem here is we are not using salesforce license, we are using force.com user license which do not have the standard campaign module, so we have build a custom campaign module and called it Event and Guest Functionality which is very similar to the standard campaign module, now first i know it is possible to do the integration with cvent with this force.com license and with the custom campaign module such that the status is updated at both ends.

i want to know how we can make this integration possible.
Please help me to achieve this and steps of what needs to be done to make this integration possible. 
Any help is much appreciated at the earliest. Thanks a lot in advance