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Luffy Carl_opLuffy Carl_op 

Is there some methods relatively a little bit more simple to send e-mail to users in my system?

Hello Everyone. I'm doing a simple attendance system. There is a function that system will check every users' logging infomation everyday, and send e-mail to the absenteeism. I'm a beginner of sfdc and that will be not enough time to learn about batch job or schedule apex, which because of my leader want see the result in the near future. so if there is some a little bit simple methods to do this , please help me.
Hi Luffy,

Could you please tell me how you are tracking the attendance ,do you have any custom object where I can track the attandance .Please provide me the Object and field detail from where I can Query to get the people who have not attainded .Also from where I can get the email of those people .Is there any email field in that object ,Please let me know I wil help you for sure .