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Muralidhar SingriMuralidhar Singri 

Custom Object Not Showing up in Tabs

I am working on the Recruiting App workbook. I have created a custom object "Review". However when I go into to the Tabs, I cannot see this one.  Without this I am unable to add new "Reviews".

Created several other objects and I can see them. But this one I am unable to.

Please suggest what I can do.

NagaNaga (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Muralidhar,

After creating the custom object, you have to expose it as a tab.
Define a new tab to display the data stored in your custom object records.

From Setup, click Create | Tabs.
Click New in the Custom Object Tabs related list.
Select the custom object to display in the custom tab. If you have not already created the custom object, click create a new custom object now and follow the instructions in Define Custom Objects.

The label of the new tab is the same as the plural version of the custom object label.

Click the Tab Style lookup icon to display the Tab Style Selector.

If a tab style is already in use, a number enclosed in brackets [] appears next to the tab style name. Hover your mouse over the style name to view the tabs that use the style. Click Hide styles which are used on other tabs to filter this list.

Click a tab style to select the color scheme and icon for the custom tab. 
Optionally, click Create your own style on the Tab Style Selector dialog if you want to create a custom tab style and your organization has access to the Documents tab. To create your own tab style:

Click the Color lookup icon to display the color selection dialog and click a color to select it.
Click Insert an Image, select the document folder, and select the image you want to use.
Alternatively, click  Search in Documents, enter a search term, and click Go! to find a document file name that includes your search term.

Specify the custom apps that should include the new tab.
Check Append tab to users' existing personal customizations to add the new tab to your users’ customized display settings if they have customized their personal display.
Click Save. 

To further customize the tab:

Define the page layout for records displayed in the tab. The page layout controls which fields are visible and editable when users are entering data in the custom tab.
Specify which fields display to users in the key lists section of the custom object tab home page.

Please let me know if this helps

Best Regards
Naga Kiran
Mudasir WaniMudasir Wani
Dear Muralidhar,

login by system admin and check the following steps.

First check if you have created the tab or not.
Follow the following steps.
Goto the setup.
Then go the App section
Then click on create and then click on Tab to see whether you have created the tab or not if not then create a tab.
Setup -> App -> Create -> Tabs.

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Since you are working on Recruiting app, the Review object has a relationship with Job Application. So, you can directly add the Review object records from corresponding Job Application detail page itself. You don't need to create any tab for it. In case your review object does not have relationship with Job Application, then you can go for the solution as suggested in above comments. 
Muralidhar SingriMuralidhar Singri
Thanks for taking time to post the answers. I got this issue resolved in a minute with your help.
sam sthasam stha
Thanks works for me as well :)
Giau Le 9Giau Le 9
I think that you forgot check on checkbox "Launch New Custom Tab Wizard" when you create custom object review. If that, you cannot edit to re-check that checkbox. However, you can click on the Plus icon at the end of menu, and you can see that it lists all of custom object, you can choose the object you want to show it on Menu Tab
Martin AlexanderMartin Alexander
I am not able to finish the Create Object Relationships lesson. The following error message is displayed.

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The field 'Property__c' either does not exist on the Offer__c object or it is not a Master-Detail relationship.

- When I originally created the Property object I neglected to check the "launch custom tab wizard" before saving. This created the object but no tabs, etc were created. Using the instructions listed above from Mudasir, I was able to create corresponding tabs. 
- When I try to complete creating the Master-Detail Relationship from the Favorite custom object I do not see Properties as a selection in my picklist.
Martin AlexanderMartin Alexander
Fixed it... I had to go back and create new fields under my Offer custom object. These new fields were Lookup Relationship (for Contacts) and also Master-Detail Relationship (for Property).
Gilia BarGilia Bar
Make sure you don't have any "offer" records. Turns out you cannot add master/detail relations in this situation.
Madhumitha M 3Madhumitha M 3
Hi Naga ,
It working .. Thank u
Gary RalstonGary Ralston
Hi Muralidhar,

In Salesforce, once a custom object is created, it is necessary to create a custom tab for the object in order to display the data stored in the records of that object. This allows for easy access and viewing of the records in the custom object.

To understand the process of creating a custom object tab, refer to the guide at The guide will provide step-by-step instructions for creating a custom tab for a custom object.